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Go Kidneys, Go!

Posted Aug 30 2008 12:00am
As I briefly mentioned in an earlier post, Gavin had a good day on Friday. He was being the kid he's supposed to be. It even included a time out, if that tells you anything! :)

The amount of magnesium Gavin is requiring to be supplemented into his TPN was recently increased. Our dear chemo friend, Cisplatin, causes the kidneys to not hold onto magnesium well. And even though he's done with Cisplatin, it can take months (to over a year) for the kidneys to process magnesium correctly. In the meantime, magnesium is being added to his TPN. This recently forced us to bump back up from 12 hours a day to 18 hours a day. Six hours may not sound like a big deal, but it's huge when you're 3 years old and attached to a backpack that's entirely too heavy to carry. We notice a huge difference in Gavin's motivation to move about the house when he has to request that someone move the bag behind him so that he has enough "slack" to be where he wants to be. We pray that his kidneys will process magnesium correctly sooner rather than later and we can move back down to 12 hours of TPN.

Garrett's physical therapist (yes, for those of you just joining us -- both of the boys are in physical therapy!) is someone I feel fortunate to have met. She's done wonders with Garrett's development and I've truly enjoyed getting to know her. (Hi, Lyn!) She recently told me about a couple of blogs that she loves, warning me that they were tear jerkers. I browsed over to them the other night and feel the need to share them with you. The first one is Bring the Rain , which is a mother's account of grief and life after the death of her fourth child. She's an eloquent writer, an amazing mother, and a strong Christian. Her blog has hundreds (maybe thousands) of readers, as I noticed one post had 247 comments!!! While I would be surprised if you were able to read through many posts without shedding a tear, you will also laugh aloud at reading others. She's that good! The other blog is Light Your World . A father writes this blog in response to the recent loss of his 10 week old baby boy to SIDS. He too does a fantastic job of writing about the horrific grief he's feeling with the grace only God could provide a parent. Ironically, the two children in these blogs were first cousins. I never would have thought I'd enjoy reading blogs of parents who have actually lost a child at this stage in my life, but I do. And it's changing the way I'm processing my current situation for the better. So, if you get a chance, check them out. I doubt you'll be disappointed that you did.
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