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Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Posted Aug 10 2008 12:00am
I have gluten intolerance, not Celiac Disease, but gluten causes bad things to happen to me including a horrible taste in my mouth, congestion, itchy red bumps on my skin, GI distress, bloating, pain and as Laura and I say, "mass GI evacuation." In other words, the end result of eating is not positive. But even with all of this happening, I have had a 40+ love affair with bread. I miss it so much. I have not been a good girl as far as compliance goes. For more on this go to my"A Day in the Life with Cheri, Randy and Luke" blog and you will see how I have struggled to follow this diet. Now, I am very sensitive to the taste, texture and after-taste of food. I have a revulsion to tapioca bread. After eating it, I could taste it for days...I can't even handle the thought of it or the smell of it now. So, after falling off the gluten free wagon hard and cheating big time, Alicia intervened for me and she and Anthony made me gluten free cinnamon rolls. They were heavenly. Probably a thousand calories each, but heavenly. Bad for the waistline, good for the GI tract. Thank you both again.

But do you know what was weird?? I was almost anticipating all the GI symptoms as I ate bread again. It didn't come. That was awesome and yet, very weird. I had a second roll today and no symptoms. I was waiting to get sick. Very interesting....I don't know how to describe what I felt but I need to think about this some more. I was always sick when I ate. Always. I was told I had lactose intolerance, IBS, spastic name it. Years of misdiagnosis. Sibyl diagnosed me correctly. I could not tolerate milk because my gut was impacted so negatively by gluten. No cream came back. Yippee.

Maybe there can be some bread for me once in a while. It was so good to eat and not hurt. I wonder how many kids are out there undiagnosed?
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