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Girls and Women Can and Do Get Pregnant After Being Raped

Posted Aug 22 2012 10:48am

It is almost painful to watch the news these days and listen to the Republican lies. When they make statements that are medically totally false, I really have a problem hearing what they are saying. Last year, it was reproted that 32,101 girls and women became pregnant after being raped. Some of the rapists were fathers, some relatives, and some neighbors. i have cared for teenage girls who became pregnant just this way. Without the possibility of an abortion, as the Republicans are trying to ram through Congress, the lives of these girls would have been changed forever. I know that Mr. Romeny does not have daughters, but I should think there must be at least one or two girls among his 15 grandchildren. Yes, rape could happen to them and then what would he do?

I do not know about Paul Ryan's chidlren, but cannot believe that he would insist a ten-year-old girl would have to carry a pregnancy to term. Yes, girls are starting their periods this early. The earliest reported pregnancy that I know of was in a nine-year-old girl in South America. The Republicans who want to outlaw abortion make no provisions for what will happen to the children, particularly since they want to get rid of Medicaid, food stamps, and all the other programs that help low income individuals. Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan have lots of money and good health insurance, so why should they worry?  I wonder how they can be so lacking in compassion and common sense?

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