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getting rid of fleas, ticks on my dog

Posted by elipauly123

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Oops I forgot the second reason:

 Overvaccinating. You can find out a lot more about vaccines on Animal Talk Naturally also:

The thing to understand is that fleas, ticks, mites, etc., are attracted to a weakened host (i.e. your dog). That would mean that your dog's immune system isn't strong. I would suspect for two reasons:

1. Dogs are opportunistic scavenger carnivores. They need a raw meat and bone diet to thrive not food that comes packaged in dry kibble. Kibble is normally laden with grains which dogs cannot properly digest. That leaves your dog open for illness and a weakened immune system attracting fleas and ticks.

An inexpensive way to rid your dogs of fleas and ticks in ADDITION to switching your dog to a raw, meaty bone diet (, is to use FOOD-grade diatomaceous earth. Go to to find the Permaguard DE. I purchase mine in 50 lb bags there. Tell Larry Smith the owner that I referred you. He has a video explaining how it all works NATURALLY, no chemicals. And info on the site on how to use it with pets.

Change the diet and use  the DE and you will more than likely see these type of problems go away without subjecting your pet to the pesticides sold as "preventions" or treatments. 

We have some shows available on Animal Talk Naturally that teach all about natural pest control for your pets:

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