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:::Getting on my birthing soapbox:::

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:13pm
One reason that I love TiVo is for the " Wishlist" function. You can set it up to record programs that contain key words either in the title or description. I have one for "Down syndrome". So far, TiVo has recorded two delivery programs. I am watching the second one right now and it's making me so irritated. Seriously. I am 7 minutes into the program and they've already set it up that the three women they're following are in dire straits. Like death is imminent. These programs do such a disservice to pregnant women. Honestly. Pregnancy and birth is such a natural happening. Yes, some times some women/families need help in conceiving and some times there are actual medical emergencies that arise during birth that necessitate medical intervention. And that God for OBs and modern medicine when those situations happen. However, these programs portray every birth as scary and dangerous. And women watch these programs and are worried about what will happen to them when they give birth. Will it be hypertension ::gasp:: or shoddy AFP testing ::shudder:: or an "over due" (over 40 weeks) baby (don't even get me started on due dates) or some other medical emergency? How is it healthy for a mother to go into labor with these thoughts?

Please, moms-to-be, turn off whatever birthing program you're watching, put down the remote and do not, I repeat, do not turn any of those programs back on. They aren't doing you any good. They are feeding into the myth that medical intervention in the birthing process is necessary. They're scaring you for no good reason. Go rent The Business of Being Born. I'm not saying you have to go without drugs. I'm not saying you have to have a home birth. But you have the right and the responsibility to educate yourself. To understand how and why hospitals operate the way they do. To know the history of birthing. To recognize that your body will know, instinctively, what it needs to do to get that baby out. Check the c-section rates of your hospital or birthing center. Ask your OB what their c-section rate is. Ask what their general practices are for labor and delivery. Make sure you truly understand what birth will be like with your care provider and what birth could be like with other care providers.
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