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Gavin Strikes Three!!!

Posted Nov 11 2007 12:00am
My oldest baby is officially turning three years old tomorrow. It's very hard to believe. Seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. Let's take a little walk down photo-memory lane, shall we??

Gavin was just a week or so old here, and already such an OSU fan! Everyone remarked on what great complexion he had. While he has grown up to have beautiful coloring, it wasn't his great complexion shining through in this picture. It was jaundice and pretty significant jaundice at that. He loved to cuddle and wanted to put his head in the crook of your neck and fall asleep. Precious!

Here little Gavin was almost 6 months old. It was his first trip to the zoo. I remember the "oh my goodness" look on his face when he saw an elephant for the very first time.

Gavin was turning one in this picture. He had a train party here at the house. Lots of friends and family. Lots of fun. He was a crawling really well by then and preferred that as a mode of transportation until he was over 15 months old. We know now that his slower progression to walking fit his personality well. Gavin is extremely cautious when it comes to new things. He wants to do it when he knows he can do it well.

Gavin was almost 18 months old in this picture. He was thrilled to get a new lawnmower. He was adorable marching across the lawn, just like Daddy.

Gavin had recently turned 2 here. He was lovin' Bob the Builder and had a birthday party in Bob's honor. I think this stage was when I started thinking that my baby wasn't so much of a baby anymore. He was still loving the spotlight of being an only child. And just as sweet as he could be.

Here is Gavin at 2 and 1/2. He was coming out of some baby brother jealousy, which had been a little rough. Overall, he was super sweet to Garrett by this point. He became heavily interested in Blue's Clues and still loves that show the best.

For Gavin's 3rd birthday, we did a bumper bowling party. It was wild and oh-so much fun! Gavin enjoyed it thoroughly and seemed to socialize more at this gathering than he has at any other event to this point. (He's pretty shy -- which seems crazy coming from the super extrovert that I am.) We took a ton of pictures, so I've just included a slide show of some.

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY, GAVIN!!! I love you so much!

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