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Food poisoning and raw goat's milk...raw foodies beware!

Posted Jul 09 2010 2:18pm


BOULDER, CO. (Where else would you expect?!)

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has verified that an outbreak of food poisoning that has sickened 30 people and hospitalized 2 children is due to consumption of raw (unpasteurized) goat's milk from a local goat dairy farm.

The unpasteurized milk contained Campylobacter and E coli bacteria, which are notorious for causing food poisoning. The dairy farm which ran a "goat sharing program" and sold raw goat's milk to about 40 families has been shut down until it is able to fulfill state health department regulations. And, remarkably, the publicity around the farm has increased interest in the goat sharing program! Only in Boulder, folks!!!

But here is the reality check: Even if this farm improves its disinfectant standards, their unpasteurized milk (and anyone else's) is dangerous.

Raw foodies argue that raw milk is "healthier" because it has nutrients that are lost in the pasteurization process. It's healthier, I guess, if you survive the germs that live in raw milk!  Louis Pasteur is probably rolling over in his grave right now.

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