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Food, FOod, FOOd, FOOD!

Posted Jun 27 2008 8:53pm
Ya'll don't even know what hunger is! Today is the first day since Sunday night that I had anything tangible to eat! Well sure, they gave me some sort of liquid imitation nourishment through my IV, but get real, it was not food! There is nothing more tastier then fresh milk, right from the best source in the world, Mom! Yummy stuff it is. So I am now allowed to start eating 2 cubic centimeters of food, distributed over a whole hour! No, that isn't alot. It will definitly keep me slim and healthy. Hey, this sounds like a great eating plan for some of you too!

So the fact that I am able to actually consume some tasty, nutritious, milk means I am getting better. Yeah slowly but surely for now I seem to be getting better. I was only able to take the milk through a tube that goes all the way past and in my nose to my tummy. So the tastiness of todays milk is still up in the air, but if it anything like last Sundays........ OH YEAH!

I hear its better then a T-Bone steak right off of daddys grill. Whats that you say you havn't had a steak off my dads grill, you are missing a part of the meaning of your exsistence! When I was up in heaven its all I could do to not take a big whiff of those tasty morsels! Definitly something I am looking forward to. Hey, I got an idea. You, reading this blog, should invite yourselves over to pops place and chow down on some yummies! Just tell dad that I sent you, you see, I got an "in", with him. lol

So, I am being weened off of the ventilator, today I had regular mix of air going into my lungs, as opposed to yesterday wherein the mix had a forty percent concentration of O2. Today it is 21% of O2. I did develop a mild splotchy rash from some anti-biotic, of which the doc stopped that one and started me on a new one. That is one thing too that I am still on is a lot of meds right now. A whole med tree sits by my bed with seven or so branches of meds on them, although not everyone is being used at all times.

I can't wait to go camping with my family, and also meet some girls at church my age. These nurses are sweet and nice and stuff, but for reals they will be grandmas by the time I can even date at 16!

Thank you for all your prayers for me. The fact that I can sit here and eat, and have my heart do its pumping thing with out the ecmo machine is evidence to me that God lives! Jesus is the Christ! He has His true and living church on this earth today! That blessings received by the laying on of hands by my daddy, and Brother Palmer, do work, and Heavenly Father hears the prayers of all off us, His children.

Well, I got to go and fill up another diaper, have a great night!

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