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Food Chaining: Learning about Food...Don't Eat My Fruit Head!

Posted Apr 28 2008 12:00am
Today was one of those days you wish you could push rewind and do all over again.

So Ewan's therapy session today was supposed to be modeled after his younger brother's session last week: making pieces of fruit look a little like Mr. Potato Heads using various kinds of fruit. Sounds simple enough. Oh yes, deceptively simple!

So Vaughn had a hey day, thought it was the funniest thing in the world to make little fruit like people and then eat them. Stacey and I thought since Vaughn had so much fun, surely, surely Ewan would have an equally great time with the same kind of session. Or so we thought...

We get to session and Stacey and Ewan jump right in with a quick scavenger hunt to find the fruit around the room and divvy up toothpicks to Ewan for each fruit he finds. Ironically enough, the tougher fruits to look at and smell required large amounts of toothpicks as rewards. Armed with enough toothpicks to hold off a small gorilla force, Ewan, Stacey, Vaughn, and I set off to make some Fruit Heads.

Ewan chose an orange, Vaughn an orange, Stacey a banana, and me an apple. We carefully chose pieces of fruit to make eyes, ears, arms, noses, and hats. Then we named them. Oh yes, we named our little Fruit Heads.

That's where everything went astray in that little therapy room.

After we settled on some nice names, we said OK, now it's time to try all the new fruit we used to make our little Fruit Heads. Ewan was HORRIFIED that we were going to eat our new little Fruit Head friends. He may be scarred for life, I'm not sure yet.

Seriously though, this is the kind of thing that can happen when you're 5, when you're a literal thinker, and well, you're Ewan. You just don't eat your new Fruit Head friend creations. Rather, you should be taking them out to dinner, giving them a bath, and finding them a place to sleep at night but whatever you do, you DON'T eat them!

Hint for the day: Next time we decide to make a fruit friend, we won't eat him but rather we'll take him out for dinner and a movie.

Happy Chaining,
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