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Food Chaining: How to "Stretch" to New Food Experiences

Posted Jun 05 2008 12:00am
I loved Alicia's post below about Anthony being 'the man' with the chaining program. Laura and I learned, and are still learning, from the wonderful Marsha Dunn Klein, the idea of a "stretch." You interact with food one way, how can you stretch to something else. There are many ways to do this...for example with corn for Ewan and can touch it, lick it yes...but what about other ways to stretch..squish with fingers, use a decorative toothpick to stab the pieces of corn, make a corn shish kabob, count out pieces on a spoon or in a ladle or big spoon, try to catch them with your tongue, put seasoned salt or garlic salt or spray butter out to explore with the corn. Lots of stretches there.
With waffles, what about flavored syrup, strawberry or chocolate syrup or powdered sugar or look at different shapes of waffles, using a cookie cutter to make shapes, paint or pour pureed fruit over the top or in batter if you get really daring, offering a frozen pancake and a frozen waffle and comparing the two, using whipped cream or sprinkles over the food or dusting with cinnamon sugar, rolling pancakes up like a cigar...stretch! Get frozen pancakes, waffles and french toast sticks, separate into freezer bags and let the kids pick out what they want. Or combine a french toast stick and a mini waffle in the same baggie. Different color plates and utensils...It is fun and can make meals anything but boring.
Hang in there Anthony, you are doing a great job. It can still be easy but a fun way to learn.
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