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Food Chaining: Food Education Programs

Posted Mar 13 2008 12:00am
Loved Alicia's post about doubting my sanity. Actually, I recall our very first conversation about food chaining. Alicia said in our clinic (we had a reporter observing us that day), "We have tried that food chaining approach, it does not work." I asked her several questions about what they were doing and how and what the ratings of food items were and after all that, I knew they were not doing Food Chaining my way. I always tell people, "any moron can put similar foods together." Ha.

It is about so much more than that. So I started talking to her about my vision of things and that this is a long term, ongoing learning process. Ewan needed to learn about food to learn to eat food. Food is such a powerful learning tool. How many things can you experience like food? It can be frozen, sliced, peeled, steamed, melted, pureed, cut in shapes, colored with food coloring, touched, smelled and tasted. A great way to expand vocabulary and concepts. You can learn about farming, agriculture and a whole host of things that focus on food. I get really excited about this but I do know that many people have given me that same blank look when I talk about food education.

Never fall for someone telling you your child cannot learn. All children can learn. The child that examines food, looks at labels, can detect the slightest difference in appearance, shape, size or smell of food is already demonstrating his ability to learn and what he has already learned about food. Unfortunately, many kids learn to not eat.
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