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Fly Butterfly Fly

Posted Apr 30 2012 12:26am

Butterfly that landed near us after the release

Today was the 9th annual butterfly release that Nathan Adelson Hospice, Hannah’s hospice group, puts together.   We were invited because a butterfly in Hannah’s name was purchased for this event by her social worker and lead nurse.   It touched us so much that they cared about her so much that they wanted her included in this event.

I have to admit that I have never been to a butterfly release before – for weddings, memorials…nothing.  I had an idea of what to expect, but I didn’t realize how beautiful it really was.

Abby (in purple) and Ethan (back to us, wearing blue) - front and center!

There were a few heartwarming speeches before the release.  Then one of the chaplains for Nathan Adelson brought all the children to the front, had them sit down, and shared a children’s blessing and shared the importance of the butterfly release.

Leave it to Ethan and Abby to be right there in front! ( see video of release! )

One the chaplain gave the word to release the butterflies, hundreds of butterflies flew into the air!   I loved seeing Ethan and Abby’s reaction to all the butterflies giving flight into the wind!

After most of the butterflies were released, Daddy and I released the one we had for Hannah.   It was nice having a moment with all of us together with our Nathan Adelson social worker.

Seeing all those butterflies today, all in memory of people who have passed, was just so touching.  I loved that Hannah was flying there, among the others, spreading her wings and flying free.

Our keepsake - filled with seeds

Hannah's name in the program

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