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Flashback Friday!!!!

Posted Mar 12 2010 9:02am
Our 1st REAL family vaction....
We went to Disneyland before the CHARGE conference in 2007,

With all the talk of people we know doing to Disney either land or world, I have to share this again.
It was after this trip I moved from Babysite to the Blog world so it was my 1st entry.
We stayed at a Disney hotel and it was right across the street from California Adventure, we could see the roller coaster from our window it was AWESOME!
This was our 1st Disney trip EVER for any of us, I am and alway have been a HUGE disney fan, heck I had a Mickey phone in my room til I moved in with my husband.
I knew if we were going to fly all the way to California we had to go to Disneyland.
The kids LOVED it and they even had breakfest with Lilo and Stitch (the boys favorite charater).
Eva was in AWW of it all, she watched every show and parade. She just watched it all took it all in. That is how we knew she would love Disney World for her Make A Wish trip.

Everyone at Disney is AWESOME!! They treat you like kings and queens and you never want to leave.
At Disney we are a family, we are having fun. We are not thinking about doctors, hospitals and therapies. Its just us and we are a family of 5 being just that a family.

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