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Five Nutrition Tips For Ages 25 to 85

Posted Mar 28 2013 5:00pm

seniorcoupleexercisesmall Whether you are 25, 45 or 85, eating the right foods keeps muscles, bones, organs, arteries, and all the rest of the amazing body healthy. Without it, the risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, anemia, bone loss, high blood pressure, diabetes, and illnesses of all kinds increases significantly.

For seniors, this is especially true, and even more so if a person is already in a higher risk category, into which America’s exploding aging population falls.

While good nutrition benefits both the young and old, older adults will see that proper nutrition can lead to increased mental acuteness, faster recuperation times, and fewer visits to the physician’s office, resulting in higher energy levels and better management of chronic health problems.

Elizabeth Elliott, Registered Dietitian for Mom’s Meals, offers five tips for better nutrition, longer lives, sharper minds, and better overall health:

1. Cut the junk! It is as simple as that. Wholesome meals of good foods rich in vitamins and minerals will lead to more energy and better health. “Added sugars, processed, and refined foods will make you feel sluggish, lead to weight gain, and decreased overall health,” says Elliott.

saladplate 2. Toss out the old; bring on the healthy! Better nutrition starts with making better dietary choices. Clean out the processed food from cupboards, pantries, fridge and freezer, and fill them with fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, low sodium foods, and items that promote health, not that sugar addiction.

3. Hydrate smart! Hydration is important for everyone, and especially seniors. As we age, we are prone to dehydration as bodies lose some ability to regulate fluid. Need to remember to drink more water? Try posting notes in key locations around the house. Sufficient water also helps in avoiding urinary tract infections and constipation. And remember, we’re talking about water, not diet sodas or alcoholic beverages.

4. Swap the white for the wheat! It’s so simple to help improve heart health. Just try swapping out anything with white flour for foods made with wheat flour.

5. Keep it colorful! Aim for five colors on the plate. This helps increase the amount of fruits and vegetable intake. Foods rich in color are typically also rich in nutrients.

- Mom’s Meals is dedicated to providing fresh-made, nutritious, home meal delivery to customers nationwide, specializing in senior and patient care for over a dozen years. The company prepares, packages, and ships ready-to-heat and eat meals directly to a customer’s door, delivered anywhere in the United States.

- Courtesy of PR Web

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