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Fish Oil Supplements and Nutritional Intervention

Posted Nov 12 2009 10:04pm

Ah, yes, we traveled this road, too.
A few years ago, when I was brand new to the world of late-talking children, I purchased a book titled " The Late Talker: What To Do If Your Child Isn't Talking Yet" by MarilyAgin, Lisa Geng, and Malcolm Nicholl.
Wonderful book!
Loaded with everything that you are probably thinking of right now when it comes to your late-talking child. lpg =PA122& ots = lTfnJYxTf 7& dq =the%20late%20talking%20child%20and%20fish%20oil&pg=PA108#v= onepage &q=the%20late%20talking%20child%20and%20fish%20oil&f=false
I was particularly interested in chapter 8 titled "Alternative Strategies: Nutritional Intervention". After reading this chapter a few times and consulting personally in a face-to-face visit with our pediatrician, we decided that this could be a viable option for Kaitlyn. Our pediatrician recommended the company Nordic Naturals.
She handled the product well and we truly noticed a sudden spurt in her language and babbling.
Could this be our fountain of youth?
Were we onto something?
And then her spurt kind of sputtered out.
So we stopped the fish oil after that shipment was empty.
About nine months ago, I thought to give it a whirl again.
It worked the first time and she is really in a new phase with new sounds and words.
Maybe this could be the boost that she needs!
Oh so wrong.
Within 2 weeks of taking the fish oil supplement again, I noticed a change in our little girl, but it was NOT a good one.
And those were just the behavioral problems.
Physically, she looked pale, complained of being tired, and her appetite was the poorest I had ever seen.
My husband did not seemed worried.
I stopped the supplement immediately, but the problems persisted.
One day, she looked so pathetic as she lay listless on the couch that I put my foot down, scooped her up, and took her to the Emergency Room.
Physical exams.
Lab work.
The whole gamut.
The ER docs did not have an explanation for what happened, even after consulting with The Poison Control Center.
***Note: she was only receiving HALF of the recommended dose for her age!***
But one of her lab results came back very low: her thyroid panel.
That explained the pale skin color, fatigue and listlessness.
We were sent home with orders to follow up with our pediatrician.
Over the next week, my little girl seemed to "detox" herself.
Her color began to pink up again.
She wasn't as tired.
Her energy had returned.
She was no longer the aggressive beast which she had become.
And follow-up thyroid testing one month later indicated that she was back within the normal ranges again.
This was something that we were not going to try again.

By no means am I trying to say that the company provided bad products. We used them before without one side effect (with the exception of a babbling toddler!)

I know for a fact that they are a trusted company.

But something went wrong this time around.
So a word of warning to all parents out there: be careful with supplements.
Do your research.
Follow your doctor's advice.
Most of all, follow your gut when you think something is awry.
In our house, all fish are staying in the ocean.
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