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Finding the Cause of Dizzy Spells

Posted Jan 07 2010 11:37am

Dizzyness may have many causes but it is not something to take lightly if it occurs quite often. I was just told about a woman who was working very hard, was very stressed with money and other problems and who began to have frequent bouts of dizzyness. She thought  it was just fatigue and that the spells would go away when once life got a little easier for her. The woman didn't seek medical care because she didn't have good medical insurance and she also didn't want to take the time. Then one  day she collapsed and was unable to get up. Fortunately, she was able to crawl to a phone and ask a friend to come and help her. The friend took her to an emergency room and eventually the answer to the dizzyness was found on a CT scan. The answer was a bad one; the woman had a brain tumor. Now she is getting chemotherapy and her life will never be the same again.

There is an old saying that "It is important to listen to your body." If you don't pay attention to times of great fatigue, dizzy spells, abdominal or chest pain or other symptons, then by the time medical care is sought, it may be too late or there could have been medicine that could have made a difference. I think few people want to see a physician these days, but if some strange symptons are occurring then it is better to be safe than sorry. There are still some wonderful caring doctors. You may just have to work harder to find them.

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