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Fighting the Greed of Drug and Health Insurance Companies

Posted May 10 2010 7:11am

This last week I have both a call and an e-mail from older friends who are both very angry with the marked increase in their drug prices and  health insurance. On woman said she had her usual medications refilled and first they were no longer covered by her insurance and then the cost had tripled. She is on a very limited budget so I sent her the Web site . This group helps people who cannot afford their medications.

The other woman who will turn sixty-five next month and will thus be eligible for Medicare said her Blue Cross/Blue Shield premium just went up to $700/ month. Incredible! Her insurance agent found that she could go on HealthNet for $400/month, but the company turned her down because of a medicine she takes for urinary problems. Of course the health insurance companies say they are adhering to the new healthcare laws by not refusing anyone, even before they go into effect. They talk a lot but I'm afraid I don't believe a word they say. They would much prefer to pay a penalty and keep on raising rates and refusing anyone they want. How sad that making money has become so very important in our American culture or perhaps I should say how sad that GREED has overtaken the American culture.

As a follow-up on the almost sixty-five year old woman; she has dropped all of her insurance until she can apply for Medicare in a month. What has this country come to when young men on Wall Street are making millions and billions of dollars and older people are going without health insurance and the medications they need to stay alive and healthy and to continue holding down jobs.

Today in the New York Times and article by Robert Pear notes that the health insurance companies are fighting hard to keep the coverage of people with mental health and drug issues separate from the changes in the healthcare bill. They want to have much tighter control over what they can pay for inpatient  and outpatient  coverage. Now probably almost no psychiatrist or psychologist will be willing to see these patients unless they pay out of their own pockets.

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