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Posted Apr 28 2013 8:20pm

So, Sophie has started drinking a bit better, but now she's having laughing seizures. They're called gelastic seizures,  and  hence a clue to the title of this blog post. Sophie goes through weird periods where she has them off and on for days, so I'm thinking that the refusal -- or inability -- to drink is also neurological. It would be nice if when she broke out into a huge smile and then a cackling laugh, our hearts would be lightened. But, there's something faintly gruesome about the laugh and the smile -- Wikipedia likens the sudden laugh or smile to being sardonic rather than joyful -- so my smile is perhaps strained, and the boys generally look away.

Here's a second clue to the title: I'm sick to death of seizures and thinking about what to do about them. First person to guess what the title stands for gets my copy of War and Peace when I'm finished reading it. Don't knock yourself over.
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