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Fever spike of 104.4.Is it normal.

Posted by abby1234

My two year old had a febrile seizure on 12/3 Monday afternoon around 1:15 pm.I called 911 and rushed him to ER.He had a fever of 102.5.He had a slight ear infection(pink color).He has been on amoxicillin since 8pm monday night(8ml twice a day).I have been alternating him on Motrin and tylenol(7.5 ml each)every three hours for fever.His weight is 35.5 lb.He can keep some solid food down. And is playing around when he does not have a fever.But he has sudden fever spikes(like 103).It comes back to normal with fever meds.Last night (12/5) at 11:50 pm he had a sudden fever of 104.4 ,again I gave him Motrin and sponged him with lukewarm water and the fever came down immediately.He has not have a fever since.I am not getting answers from my pediatrician.they think it's all normal.I am a first time mom and have never had to deal with these kinds of fevers.
My questions:
How long will the fevers last.
Is it okay for him to spike a fever of 104.4.
Should i get a second opinion from another pediatrician.
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