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Familes Walking Together

Posted Aug 22 2009 12:00am

Families Kids do not have to think about moving their bodies.  Most kids are active all day long.  However, if they are asked “do you want to go for a family walk” usually their answer is “yes”.  Most of the time if you ask teens that question usually their answer is “are you kidding me?”  So capture the moments of family walking when you can without resistance. 


Kids are little people with a heart, liver, kidneys, circulation system and their vital organs are growing and stretching …so they need exercise and walking just as much as an adult.  A lot of kids run ahead of their parents so it important to discuss any family rules you have as you walk together. 


Neighborhood family walking seems to work the best because kids will wear out and it is important to be close to home.  I have observed a daddy or mommy having to pick up their kids and carry them home because they have worn themselves out.  Did you know that walking enhances everyone’s sleep ability?  One of the benefits in being outside and in the sunshine is that your body thrives on these elements.  It produces a relaxed and peaceful message to our brain and adults and kids look forward to sleeping after exhausting our bodies to a walk.  Some kids prefer to ride their tykes or bikes while parents walk and that is fine.  After all our ultimate goal is to get people of all ages outside walking and being active/moving your body in your exercise of choice, including kids.  It is one benefit that can help with kid obesity, just like adult obesity, so when the family takes a walk together it has healthy benefits for everyone.


Do not forget to include your dog in your family walks!  Dogs are considered a vital member of a family and they love their walks with their owner/family. 




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