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Expressing Motherhood at the Banshee Theater in Burbank

Posted Sep 25 2012 5:47pm

Well, today I rehearsed with twelve other women for this weekend's upcoming Expressing Motherhood show, and it promises to be moving, hilarious, profane and sweet. I hope that if you live in the area, you'll go to the website and buy tickets. The show itself is a blast, but there are plenty of great places to eat in the Burbank neighborhood, so grab some of your friends and make it a night out! There will also be wonderful gift certificates and raffle prizes -- rumor has it that on the last Sunday there will be lots and lots of chocolate. Wine is available at the theater -- I'm debating whether to have a glass or not before I "go on." As for that -- well, yes, I'm terribly nervous. I'm second-guessing what I'll be reading; when I rehearsed today, it was too long, so I'm going to have to cut it down, and even though I know I have to, I hate to do so. I also don't know what I'm going to wear, whether the stage lights will make me look washed out and fat, whether my piece (which is sort of a fluff piece, frankly) will be funny -- you get the gist. Knowing that some of ya'll are out there, though, will be helpful, so if you decide to come, please drop me an email (elsophie AT gmail DOT com).

Buy tickets HERE.
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