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Down syndrome – Information & Education

Posted Aug 24 2014 10:01pm

informationred I am pleased to announce the possibility of some Ds educational pieces coming soon from the Down syndrome community. The reason why I say ‘possibility’ is because many have agreed to write articles, but as you know, we all get caught up in our daily lives, and sometimes, finding the time to write becomes a challenge, but I hope I will be able to post some here soon.

Last week, while I was away from my office for a few days, I had some assistance publishing articles to this blog. One such article was re-published from another web site which discussed Ds, but had incorrect information in it, so while away from the office, I immediately took the article down. From there, I received numerous emails from individuals from the Ds community about the article. I began corresponding with many, some, who I asked to volunteer to write articles for this site, as a way of educating others on Ds. Many agreed, which I was very excited about.

I wanted to make clear, I had nothing to do with the original Ds article being published, but I took responsibility for it, and took it down. Once the article came down, I was very moved with the emails that followed from the Ds community, which is what prompted me to ask some of them to write. Their stories, pictures, and words were truly inspirational not only to me, but to the lives they touch. For the record, I did receive one negative email, but I realized I cannot let one email represent an entire community. Since 1983, I have been involved locally with the Ds community, from my days of volunteering at the Kennedy Center, continuing to today, where I work with Ds children and their families.

One of the individuals I had communicated with was Mike Sullivan, who represents an organization called Saving Down syndrome, a great cause. I ask that you support them by following them on Facebook as well as reading many wonderful articles on their blog . There mission:

“Our Mission Statement is to ensure that antenatal screening exists only to provide unborn children with Down syndrome and their parents with life-affirming, unbiased care through education, support and understanding, worldwide.”

I will keep you all posted about these future articles.

This web site has always been about advocacy, so we do accept articles on many topics to help educate others, so you can always use the contact form above if you have a topic you would like to write about or advocate.

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