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Does my child need travel vaccinations?

Posted by Be Well

Does my child need travel vaccinations?
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As with adults, travel vaccinations for children vary depending upon the destination. However for children, they can also depend upon their age. Some vaccinations, for example the yellow fever vaccination, is not recommended for children younger than nine months old.

Visit your doctor, or local travel clinic, at least eight weeks before traveling, particularly if you are taking your child to a developing country. You may need a number of doses, in which case the process may take several weeks.

Remember to take a checklist with you so that your doctor can see which vaccinations your child has already had, such as the MMR vaccine.

Your doctor or clinic will then be able to advise you which vaccinations your child needs.

This is an excellent question!  As the world 'shrinks' we need to be aware of the risks and precautions that are available to us, and our kids!

When we were traveling to Africa, I took my daughter to a travel immunization clinic called Passport Health.  They were so helpful with all my questions.  They knew exactly what vaccines we needed and we got them on the same day we came in.  It was so easy.  They even had all her routine childhood shots on hand (though, she was already up to date).   They also had the best portable water filters!  So much easier they trying to bring bottled water, or find a safe place to buy it there.  Thanks Passport Health!


Sincerely, Laura W
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