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Disney Epic Mickey Searches For A Hero

Posted Dec 21 2010 9:50am
The Disney franchise is famous for creating one of kind heroes and villains alike. As I was reading about the new Disney Epic Mickey game one description read, "players strive to help Mickey become an epic hero by helping him make right choices."

How cool would that be? To have someone helping you as you navigate the murky waters of parenthood, and better yet this lovely place called Holland (as the world of special needs parenting is often referred to.)

As a matter of fact, that's just the sort of person I was searching for eighteen months ago when I started this blogging "hobby." I have found that person many times over, she is alive and well in other "special" parents.

A few months ago I wrote that Shirley MacLaine was my hero(ine). The truth is I have many heroes, but my favorite Disney hero doesn't even have a film named after him, now how's that for unsung?

marlin 2

Marlin, from Finding Nemo, is an overprotective, yet determined parent who fights relentlessly against many obstacless to find his son lost in the Great Barrier Reef.  The first thing he says when he meets his son is "I will never let anything bad happen to you, ever" which is the same feeling I had when I held my son for the first time.

Eventhough Nemo is the one with the movie and nautical ride named after him (one of Austin's favorites, by the way), Marlin is the one befriending sharks and navigating through a mine field of jelly fish. He has a singular goal, to bring his son home safe.

How many times as a special needs parent have I wished for that same thing?

At the beginning of the story Marlin lives a nice, safe, secluded life unaware that it is about to take a very tragic turn , one that will challenge everything he believes and holds dear. Once Nemo is all he has left of his former life, he limits, rescues, protects and clings to him. His expectations are low for Nemo, due to his disability - his "lucky" fin.

Once his life has been irretrievably disrupted Marlin recognizes his true calling the moment he sees his son get taken away from him. The question of refusing his call is never an issue because he knew he would not allow himself to lose his only son. My son is lost in a different kind of ocean, it's called " special needs ", and while many have swam here before few have been able to map the way.

I hold a certain affection for Marlin. We both have children who would be considered "special" and as much as we want to protect them and keep them home all to ourselves. We have begun a journey that will release us from our fears and bring us the greatest joy we have known.

I've written many times about WHY I blog . What started as a way of informing my family and friends quickly became more than a hobby, it is my joy and my passion. Once I started receiving emails from across the country and around the world it became something so much more that just MY story.

If there is one thing I have learned over the past eighteen months it is this, I'm not alone.


I don't deserve to win Disney's Epic Mickey Mom Blogger simply because my child is sick or because he has special needs. Or because I am some sort of crazy Disney fanatic . (I am.)

I deserve to win because I'm not satisfied by waiting on the world to change , I am a hardworking, single mom who is effecting social change. I want acceptance for my son , not merely tolerance, and I know the best way to make that happen is to share our journey.

I can dream of bloggy fame and fortune (a book? a movie? a hollywood tv show?), but really all I want is for my child to live a happy, healthy, successful life. And the best way I know how is to set an example .

Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog and nominated me for such an honor.

No matter what happens, we both know he is the real hero in this family.


Thanks for peeking,

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