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Dislocated arm

Posted by Cynde

My grand daughter was born July 29, 2011. During the delivery her right arm got dislocated. What should we do?
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Hmmm . . . I'm just a family physician and geriatirican who's delivered a fair number of babies in his day but I think you need to get a pediatric orthopedic surgeon involved.  I have to admit I'm not familiar with arm dislocations during deliveries.  Was the injury at the shoulder or elbow or elsewhere?  How was the diagnosis made?  Perhaps you're referring to a shoulder dystocia (whereby the shoulder gets stuck behind the pubic bone) and can lead to Erb's palsy (brachial plexus injury) which manifests as difficulty moving the affected limb.  In such a situation, getting physical therapy involved as soon as possible is key to an infant's recovery.  I'm sorry to hear about your granddaughter's injury.  I wish you all the best during these trying times.
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