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Did I Fracture My Knee Cap? I Need to Know!

Posted by PuppiesnCream

About a week ago i went camping.  I was climbing up a bunk bed ladder and smacked my knee against the wood and it swelled and was bruised in certain areas.  Sunday passed and then i went 2 school Monday. How many of u remember the game Capture the Flag? Well I chose that as an activity. I ended up falling on my sure knee. I was starting to limp and the pain was gettig worse. Now two days later (Wednesday), I was outside for a class. I was running around with a couple friends when i fell on it. I got up and could barely walk. I lifted up my pant leg and my knee was bleeding. It was swelling and i could barely walk. Now a week and a half later, the pain is still there, i can barely bend my knee, and the scaring from when i fell hasn't gone away. Could i have fractured it?

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