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Destined to be friends - smile for today

Posted Sep 11 2009 4:59pm
I wanted to share with you an e-mail from our daycare this morning. LaTacia will send me updates occasionally to let me know how our little man in doing. I was laughing out loud with this one, and it just warmed my heart, so I thought I would share...

For those who don't know, JazMyn is four, and was born a preemie - she has respiratory issues like Braden, has a g-tube, suction machine, and sleeps on oxygen at night too... she is the daughter of the day-care owner, Latacia.

From LaTacia:
"Just thought I let you know that it has been confirmed that JazMyn and Braden are destine to be best of friends.
Well, Mr. Braden sounded a lil junkie to me and I decided to give him a saline treatment. He was kind of fussy and I figured he just wanted to eat a few minutes early. So after feeding and then starting his treatment, I decided to walk away into the kitchen to put of G-tube supplies and bottle. Braden was still a lil fussy and all of a sudden, I hear Jaz saying "don't worry bout it Braden, it's gonna make you breefffffff betta and it's gonna make you cough". Now mind you, I'm only a few feet away in the kitchen, so I peep in to see. There was Ms. Jaz, rubbing Braden's hand and wiping his mouth comforting him through his treatment. So I smiled, but didn't say anything. Then she tells him "put the mask back on before momma see it off and make you get another treatment". I fell out laughing. Kids really do pay attention girl."

Have a great day,
Kodi, Brad, Braden, LaTacia, & JazMyn
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