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design interactive children books with flipping pages

Posted Jul 10 2014 3:37am

HTML5 has been popular among developer for years, now it's getting more and more popular when Apple and Android released the news of stop flash use on their portable devices. Digital journals which contain embedded video, audio, animations etc cannot be played on Apple and Android devices any more. If you want to make a stylish online catalog, brochure, ebook etc compatible with multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers etc, then you will need a digital publishing software which supports HTML5, such as this 3d flip book HTML5 software.

Kvisoft Makes Multiple Online HTML5 Presentations

By using Kvisoft FlipBook Maker, you can not only turn your digital documents into a 3D flipbook which is of stylish page flippable animation, but also makes multimedia content playable on different kinds of devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod as well as Android powered devices. It means that you can reach more potencial clients who are surfing internet via mobile devices. So why not still limit yourself into desktop customers? Freely yo try Kvisoft FlipBook Maker for making multiple kinds of HTML5 presentations now:

1. create online catalogues for reaching mobile and computer customers
Business person often save business catalogs on static PDF files which is inconvenient for people to view it online. By publishing PDF to flash flipbooks, this problem can be solved easily as the flash catalogs can be showed on a webpage that mobile or computer users can read it online at any time.

2. make audio ebooks with inserted music or audio
For some special requirements, we need to insert audio into online presentations for better illustration. Now with Kvisoft Flipbook Maker, you can flexibly insert any music or audio into epublication pages. When readers turn to the page, the audio will automatically play. It's very useful for making study courses, business demonstration etc.

3. make brochure or company magazines
A professional brochure and magazine can effectively reflect company's culture, spirit, attitude and more. Sometimes, a well-designed brochure can drive big sales volume. With use of Kvisoft Flipbook Maker, you can display your digital portfolias on webpage with a professional look and fresh reading experience.

4. design interactive children books or learning material
After long time of dull work or study, anyone may distract and get bored, let alone small kids. It reported that kids can keep attention on interesting and beautiful things for a longer time than a boring ones. So let's make study material and teaching method more joyful with realistic page flipping animation, audio, video and flash.

5. make family photo album or e-cards
We send presents to beloved ones every year. So have you ever send her or him a hand-made one? Those hand-made gifts are more valuable than those bought in gift stores. Now you can create a delicate photo album, greeting ecard, family ebook etc by using Kvisoft FlipBook Maker. You can show family photographs on a landscape mode, embed memorable video clips beside text stories, insert anitions on gift card...

Why not take a free try of Kvisoft FlipBook Maker to enrich your product catalogs, brochures, photo albums, ebooks etc with rich media and page turning animation? You will be surprised of what it makes. Here is a guide about how to convert PDF to HTML5 catalog.

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