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Delayed milestone child - Stimulate interest in Studies

Posted by ursri

Dear Expert/Experienced Parents or guide

Our son is 9 yr old. Born with low birth weight, and has delayed milestone problem.  We tried allopathy, homeopathy for physical health, provided physiotherapy to walk, speech therapy to stimulate talk.  IQ is lagging behind but do not fall into challenged child's IQ.  By God's grace around 5 yrs of age, he was introduced to ayurvedic medicine for physical and psychological health. He was joined to normal school get influenced by normal children to study.  He is slow in picking alphabets, reading and writing, any new topic in specific.  Every task requires stimulation.  Just making him hold pencil to draw 'O' is herculous task to us.   The process of teaching him is painful to both child and parent, which includes little punishment too.  

He takes 2 yrs for 1 academic yr to be perfect.  Once he enters new grade, he forgets what he learnt in prev. grade.  Added to it, he falls sick quite often due to low resistance power.  The breaks attributes to gap in practise and lack of interest.  He can niether be put in special school, as he ealier picked habbits of peers below his IQ. 

In such situation, I request, how best as parent I can induce interest in him to study...

Gifting, story telling, cause and effect of not studying ... all these methods are used.  He understands importance of studies to an extent... but stuggles to understand simplest task...its painful to watch and blame self for not helping child.

Positive aspect of child is, good at picking language, socializing, empathatic, understanding, articulate, interested in music of any gerne/language, has ability to sing in same tune on hearing just once, composes moves on own for any beats with out watching video.

 I have determined to make child independent, confident, wise and worthy human being. Instead of expecting teachers in school to give extra attention to him (which is not possible) - how best as mother I can equip myself to guide child.  

 Thanks in advance



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