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Deaths and Illness from Whooping Cough (Pertussis)

Posted Jul 31 2010 2:49pm

I was sad to hear of an infant's death this past week in San Diego from whooping cough. In addition, the news report stated that there have been 1496 cases of pertussis in California this year. I do not understand how any parent could refuse to have their infant or little child immunized against this dread disease. The illness can last from six to ten weeks and there can be serious complications including: pneumonia, seizures, and encephalopathy or infection of the brain. Death, of course is the saddest and most serious result of a failure to have a child immunized.

I wonder if Dr. Andrew Wakefield has any feeling of remorse about the deaths and complications that have and are occurring  when children are not immunized. He is the doctor who published the erroneous report of the association of autism with immunizations. Yes, the British Medical Society has taken away his license, but the great damage his article has done still persists.

When I was a child, we did not have immunizations, so I had all the communicable diseases. Yes, I was lucky that I did not have any complications, but having interned in the  last polio year, I saw the terrible results of polio. Putting patients into iron lungs and seeing deaths and severe complcations from that diease made me greatly appreciate the researchers who gave us DPTs and  other immunizations.

I hope that parents will take notice of what can happen to a child and be sure all the immunizations are up-to-date.

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