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Day Trip

Posted Apr 20 2011 1:27pm
Yesterday, I headed south with my three children to San Juan Capistrano where we met our friends Erika of The flight of our hummingbird , her husband Phil and their adorable daughter Izzy. The flowers at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano were outrageous -- a true riot of color and abundance.

California poppies

California wildflowers and perennials

A riot of roses

We walked around the gorgeous grounds for a bit; Erika and I answered a casual passerby wondering about what it was like to have a special needs kid with our customary grace and then rolled our eyes at each other. In all honesty, though, the woman was well-meaning; we learned that her child was an eighteen year old boy with a disability, and she determined that it was easier for her than for us because he was a boy (and therefore didn't have a period). Oy.

Erika and Izzy

Sophie and her 70s rock star hair look

Oliver insisted that when he waved,t he koi came to the surface.

After hanging out with the koi and the flowers, we drove down to Dana Point and had a delicious taco lunch at a local taco shack. Oliver drank two giant glasses of Cherry Coke and proceeded to talk non-stop for the next six hours. I will blame that, entirely, on Phil, as he sat with my boys and allowed it to happen. Erika and I sat with the girls, ate our fish tacos and caught up with each other -- it's amazing to me that I've only known Erika through our blogs and two visits -- she feels like a little sister to me --perhaps even more deeply connected than my own. After our lunch we went to the most amazing park and beach -- walked along with our girls, trailing the boys as they poked in the sand and laughed at Sophie and the amazing pull of the sea.

Oliver entertaining Izzy

I took an embarrassing number of photos of surfers -- but you know I have that thing about surfers --

A beautiful, relaxing day (except for the chatter induced by Cherry Coke!).
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