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Day +25~ Can I get a......

Posted Aug 04 2009 7:37pm
Drum roll please....... Aiden's wbc is 2.2 and his anc is 1056 which means that he is officially engrafted!! The consider Sat, August 1st 2009, the day when Aiden engrafted because it is the first of the three consecutive days that his anc was over 500. That is such great news to hear first thing in the morning. After cleaning house this morning I went to go relieve Gil at the hospital. When I got up to the room Aiden was sleeping, but not for long. He woke up about 20 min after I got here. As usual he was so happy to see me he kept cuddling and laughing and playing like his old self again. A little bit later we headed down to the activity room for fun with science. Aiden was too little to do the project so he got to paint instead and boy did he paint. He painted a beautigul picture using a paintbrush all by himself, I only helped get paint on the brush. He also painted his hand, arm, tray and his forehead, lol. After he got all cleaned up we went for a walk around the halls. Aiden actually walked for a whole lap and a half holding my hands before he got tired! Then I pushed him around in the car for a little while. The nurses thaought it was so funny because it looked like Aiden was cruisin for girls the way he was sitting and had his hand up on the stearing wheel. Aiden is now completely off of his pain pump and his iv meds are being decreased and he has started taking some of the meds orally. He was a little cranky this evening after he ate because he was fighting his sleep. We had a short video conference with Alyssa and then I noticed his engraftment rash was coming back so I put some ointment on him. Shortly after that he fell asleep watching none other than Mickey Mouse clubhouse. I also found out today that I will be going to a discharge class tomorrow, which means we are that much closer to getting out of here. I have already been doing his blood drawls, dressing changes and cap changes so I feel pretty confident in performing those tasks. I had also asked the doc today when they would be testing to see, which cells are growing back Aiden's or the donor's. All the prayer's and good wishes thus far have helped tremendously so please pray that the result's of that test say they are donor cells! GROW DONOR CELLS GROW!!!!

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