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Cruising Through Surgery

Posted Jul 17 2012 9:06pm
Gavin's first cataract surgery was completed this morning. I want to say thank you to those that prayed for how Gavin would take the news about the surgery. He did great.

We told him last night. He promptly asked if he would get to choose what "flavor" mask they used like he does with the MRI. (Gas masks for kids come in different scents.) I explained that I wasn't sure how they'd help him get to sleep, but that if it was by gas mask I was certain they'd let him pick the "flavor." A little later, he came to me and sat down on my lap. He told me he was scared. I sighed, thinking he was scared of the surgery itself. I asked if he wanted to tell me how he felt or just pray about it. He said he was scared of the mask. He mentioned the fact that I had called it a "gas mask." Apparently, we have never referred to it as such before. He asked me how that mask would work and if it would be like the gas we pump out at the gas station. Bless his sweet little heart!!! Gasoline coming out of a mask on your face would be frightening, wouldn't it?!? I quickly explained how the two were different. He was content once more, said he hoped that silly Dr. Jones (his favorite anesthesiologist) would be there, and scampered on away shortly thereafter.

This morning, he was all smiles and didn't seem to have a care in the world. Here's a picture of him in the waiting area.
The surgery itself went fairly quickly and his doctor was pleased with the results.  She did say that Gavin would definitely need more surgery on both eyes within the next month or so.  We had expected future surgery, but didn't realize it would be quite so soon.  It sounds pretty standard from what the doctor says.  She said the next set would likely just be a laser surgery with a much simpler recovery.

Gavin had a little rough patch in the recovery area today.  He woke up cranky (even without the Versed) because his eye hurt.  But once we got some more pain meds on board, he was good to go.  Actually, he was a little too good.  He was sleeping so well that his respiratory rate dropped way low and his oxygen saturation levels kept dipping down low as well.  But, we were able to get that under control after a bit.

Once home, Gavin's been a pretty happy little guy.  He and Garrett played quite normally, with the physical restrictions in place, of course.  He complained about the pesky patch that is on his eye and said he thought it would keep him up all night.  He fell asleep early though.  ;)  The patch will come off tomorrow when we follow up with his doctor.

Please pray for a smooth recovery from this surgery.  Also, will you pray for his light sensitivity?  I think I've mentioned that Gavin's eyes are highly sensitive to light.  We've been doing drops 4 times a day and ointment in his eyes each night for awhile now to help with the issue.  However, his doctor has warned us that for some kids like Gavin, the cataracts actually helped with the light sensitivity.  The cloudy vision cataracts cause act like a shade to the corneas.  And today we took away that shade.  So, even indoor lighting may seem entirely too bright to Gavin.  We are praying this is not the case.

Thanks for checking in and praying for Gavin.  I'll post again soon with an update on how he is doing from today's surgery.  He will complete round two of cataract surgery next week.   

Much love,
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