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coughing up phelgm in children

Posted by louise

my 11yr old son who at birth had a small hole in heart which i believe has now closed up.8 weeks ago had  a chest infection and was given 5 days worth of antibiotics 500mg  then his symptons which are coughing/choking vomiting when lying down and on any physical activity this happened about eight times aday hadnt gone , so was seen by doctor  a second time and another course was given of 250mg for 7 days which then i did see improvement he got his colour back and only coughed/choking etc twice aday ,but know 2 weeks on  we are back to square one ,he coughs at night but has to run to the bathroom to spit out phelm which is clear but frothy.took him back third time and has given him a inhaler and we are monitoring his peak flow twice aday,this has easied his chest tightness but is now coughing/etc around 8 times dailt ,2 months on i am worried it is something more serious and am searching the net but can not find any answers, he has no energy had to give up p.e and his rugby as he finds it difficult and has a coughing fit then he is sick and has been sent home from school on more than one occasion,the inhaler doesnt seem to do much.hope you canhelp.thank you
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