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Controversy about Cancer Screening Guidelines

Posted Nov 20 2009 10:00pm

I just had a phone call from a man I know asking my thoughts about the new cancer screening guidelines. I said that my advice would be to ignore them. Then he made a very interesting statement that could certainly be true with the amazing power the health insurance companies have over our legislators and our country. The man remarked that if the new cancer guidelines were in place the health insurance companies would not have to pay out so much for cancer screening examinations.

We then discussed the pending health care legislation and he said that he had called his congressman saying "Please don't vote for it." I agreed that unless strict controls were put on the health insurance and drug companies, as well as the medical equipment companies, that we would all be losers. The idea of a public option that would have an "opt out" provision makes no sense at all. The only way a public option will work is if it was made as powerful as the greedy health insurance companies.

I have great fears for the future of health care in this country and think anyone going into medicine these days may be in for some most unpleasant surprises. I loved practicing medicine, but that was in the days when doctors were in control, not the health insurance, medical equipment, and drug companies.

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