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Controls Must Be Placed on Health Insurance, Drug, and Equipment Companies

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:00pm

I am greatly concerned that any healthcare bill which is passed will  give the greedy health insurance, drug, and medical equipment companies just that much more money. If there is no Public Option and if no controls are placed on what health insurance, drug, and medical equipment companies can charge, every American, except for the rich and members of Congress, is in for BIG trouble. I cannot emphasis this too much.

As a practicing physician for fifty years who has worked in both rich and poor parts of the U.S., taught in three medical schools, and cared for kids with special needs for more than forty years, I have seen the best and worst of medicine.

The rich Republican members of Congress who have not had my experience watching the terrble deterioration of U.S. healthcare should not be allowed to even have a voice in healthcare legislation as far as I am concerned. They have the very best possible health insurance and receive the best possible medical care for any medical problem that they or their families may have. How can they possibly understand what it is to lose a child,  beloved family member, or friend to inadequate  or NO medical care?  How can they understand losing a home because of unpaid medical bills?

There are some wonderful doctors in the United States who work against the overwhelming odds of mounds of paper work which the insurance companies require and result more often than not in denial of treatment for a patient. Denying care for a patient is the way to increase  insurance companies'  profit and they do it every time they can. Our present medical system is an embarrassment.

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