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Controlling Harmful Products and Advertising

Posted Nov 25 2010 5:59pm

As the world gets more complicated and money rather than morals and ethics seem to rule our country, I was glad to see that as of next March, consumers, and particularly parents, will be able to look at a Web site, to see if anyone has listed problems with specific articles. The manufactures are concerned that people will post erroneous complaints, since no names have to be given. However, If one child's life can be saved or the life of an adult, I think that is a small price to pay. I should think that there would  be some controls embedded in the Web site to avoid such a thing happening.

A problem that has still not been solved is the online marketing of medicines, medical products, and medical services. It appears from an article on 11/24/10 in the New York Times by Natasha Singer that companies are apparently looking at what someone accesses in the way of medical information and then targeting these same people with specific ads, medicines, and medical products. We all know or should be aware that a great deal of tracking of what we do online allows companies to develop  profiles on us.

I have to laugh when I sign a privacy statement in a doctor's office because it makes little sense when so much information about each of us is available online. Thus, we all have  to be careful about what information we give out about ourselves. Not only is identity theft a problem but information about our medical status is also at risk.

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