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Connect The Dots On Obesity

Posted Jul 18 2012 7:28pm

From Online Opinion…..

My childhood friend was getting quite plump, had trouble running and became the victim of chubby and fat jokes by kids and adults alike. This was back in the ’60s when most children were quite slim.

If you’d seen her a year later, you wouldn’t have recognised her. She regularly rode her bicycle, played tennis and had established a healthy diet despite being part of a family who often overindulged. And her slender appearance hasn’t changed during the ensuing five decades.

What changed for her? There was more going on than just seeing-out the ‘puppy fat’ years. It was pretty clear that there was a major change in her thinking – a new, empowered view of herself. I happen to know that this change included a dawning awareness of her spiritual identity. She was learning that she didn’t need to continually try to use food to fill a void in her life and that she couldn’t be limited by family eating habits. She began to realise that an all-powerful and loving, divine consciousness was guiding her throughout each day.

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