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Class action suit filed against Disney,AddThis,Sodahead and other companies for spying on users online activity

Posted Aug 21 2010 11:31pm

I don't use any of these sites, but have been to them in the past. It's good to know they have been exposed for invasion of privacy. I've included some suggestions from users at below on how to prevent or remove these flash cookies that allow web sites to spy on your web browsing activity. I'm sure these companies use these cookies to track user interest so that they can target their advertising, not to steal private information or expose a users personal information, however it is being done without the knowledge of most users and therefore is against the law. While some people might not have a problem with ad tracking, since it is used and a well known privacy issue on popular sites like Google and Facebook, it is against the law to track users online activities without the users knowledge.

Are you concerned with online privacy? Do you think the government should step in or should companies take action on their own to inform users when tracking cookies are being used?

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