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Clarification on HIB booster post

Posted Jun 29 2009 4:25pm 1 Comment

We need to post a clarification regarding the HIB booster for toddlers. Kids who are 12-15 months will be getting their HIB booster at their upcoming well child visits, which is the regular vaccination schedule prior to the shortage.

Any child between15-60 monthsold who has not received his final booster shot, can get it now. We commented that kids under age 3 need to be caught up on this HIB booster dose because that is the primary group of kids who had to wait to get that vaccine until the shortage was over. But, any child under age 5 who is not up to date for HIB vaccine should get it.

Sorry for any confusion!

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Our toddler recently received an HIB booster at age 20 months from a doctor who is not her usual pediatrician.  Problem is that she now is now due for her pentaxin booster from her usual pediatrician.  Since one of pentaxin's ingredients is HIB vaccine, will we be able to get her the pentaxin now?
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