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Chronic Fatigue

Posted by farshore


C is a 12-year-old girl who was diagnosed with ITP at the age of two. Her platelet level dropped to a count of three during this time and although steroids and transfusion were muted, no treatment was given and her platelet level recovered to normal within a year. Other than some severe earaches and catarrh related issues, ear, nose and throat complaints between the ages of one and five, she was a fit and healthy child requiring no treatments or medical attention.

During the beginning of 2005 C developed an extended high temperature 10 + days with aching pain in her bones and a headache.

Following this attack Clara appeared to make a recovery and displayed no symptoms until eighteen months later.

Since then C has suffered with the following symptoms which reoccur approximately every month and very in severity and duration from light symptoms lasting a couple of days to extended high temperatures and multiple symptoms lasting up to three weeks.

This is a list of the symptoms that C displays during her ‘attacks’’

Swollen throat glands and severe sore throat, Fatigue (Some times chronic), fevers, muscle pain, aching joints, headaches, night sweats, stomach aches, sensitized skin, eyes sensitive to light, cold hands and feet.

Additional information

6 months ago a blood related cousin developed chicken pox which turned into very severe hemorrhagic Chicken pox and she was very fortunate to survive. The illness took 2 months and with heavy medical intervention she is now completely healthy.

C has been to various doctors and had a variety of blood tests covering liver and kidney functions, lupus, red blood cells 

I have requested printouts of these tests  I would like to know what we can do next to try and get a diagnosis, help. I am now in the process of getting her tested for Lymes 
Any help much appreciated 


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Hi Dr Gwen thanks for replying on my post.

C is now in 'remission' again following five days of 39 degree temp and swollen lymph glands among her usual symptoms.

C is well liked and has friends (she just gave a Halloween party with 16 of them)  although given her continued and protracted absences from school this could also become more of a problem.

It it almost like the grand old Duke of York when 'she is up she is up, but when she is down she is down' and how.

Her cycles of illness seem to be triggered by physical exhaustion and you can see her slowly sliding into one although she does not appear depressed but suppressed as the lethergy sets in and the symptoms start to appear.

Her diet is pretty good IMHO, lots of fresh veg  and wholesome food although we do allow her sweets and treats on occasion. 

I would not discount emotional issues, as C is a emotive person although she has a strong bond with her Mum and can discuss emotional issues at length.

I will factor what you have said into her case, given the fevers and swollen glands do you think these can be manifestations of  emotional issues.

Once again many thanks


Viv Patient Expert
I feel for C and have added her to my prayer list. I am by no means a doctor or a professional medical person.  I am an individual that has suffered with the following symptoms:

Swollen throat glands and severe sore throats, Fatigue (sometimes chronic), fever, muscle pain, aching joints, headaches, night sweats, stomach aches, sensitized skin, eyes sensitive to light, cold hands and feet.

While I cannot provide you with an answer as to what your next step should be, I can share my own experience and what works for me.  Please remember I do not have all the symptoms C has, not the illness.  I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

The doctor never found anything wrong with my throat but did feel my swollen glands.  Tests have been taken, and nothing comes up.  The fact is I have been to the doctor for all of these symptoms.  He has tried various medications and treatments.  I honestly do not know the answer.  I do know how I have dealt with it and continue to work toward taking control of my daily challenges.  The good news is, I feel much better.

I suffered from chills, fever, muscled pain, everything you listed.  There are various things I do to help alleviate those challenges:

*    I used to go through and still have some spirts of swollen throat glands and a severe sore throat.  I lived on cough drops for a long time, it seems to alleviate the swelling and pain.  It probably isn?t good to ingest as much as I have and do.  So, please talk to your doctor about this.

 *   Deep heating of the muscles can be obtained by taking a hot bath or shower. The heat relaxes muscle spasms and makes you feel better for a few hours.

*   There are a number of lumbar cushions, cervical pillows and certainly heating pads that will help alleviate the pain.


After much medical ineptitude we pushed to get her recommended to a known hospital where C was batch tested for infectious agents using a so called RAID protocol (Rapid Assessment of Infectious Diseases)  

We got the last batch of test results recently and she had a strong
test result for mycoplasma antibodies
This serum test was for Mycoplasma Pneumoniae by PPA, procedure name
PARG and the result was 1:640 which is 4 times the normal result 

She has been proscribed a 2 week course of Clarithromycin (Biaxin)

Obviously she will be following this course of medication and we will
keep our fingers crossed that a cycle of re-infection has been the
culprit of her symptoms.

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