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Chronic cough. Need advise please

Posted by Worried dad

Hi. I need advice regarding my 12 year old daughter.she started coughing 5 days ago. Started out just a light cough but over the days has developed into a chronic cough. We've taken her to hospital and they treated her for both asthma and allergy and we have medication to treat both conditions. The last hospital visit they gave her codeine to settle the cough. It works until it wears off and she starts coughing every time she breaths in. So she can get relief with the codien but we feel the actual cause of the cough isn't been found. My daughter describes her cough as starting with a tickling sensation in the front of her throat which doesn't go away. We've asked for an appointment with a specialist but that won't come any time soon. We are very worried about this and don't know what we are going to do when the codeine runs out. Can somebody give us any advice please
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