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chronic constipation in a 2yr old

Posted by XmorgansmummyX

my 2yr old daughter has suffered chronic constipation since she was born. she recently had an xray which showed her bowels were severly blocked with poo. at the moment she has 5 sachets of movicol a day and her peadriatrician said to move her up to 8 a day when the recomended dose is 4 a day for her age. this isnt workin for her and is only giving her a little dihorea. she is in severe pain and disconfort every day which is unbearable to see when shes  jst a baby. she has also been on senokot and lactolose which always did nothing for her. we took milk out her diet and this made no difference either. she has a healthy diet of fruit, veg and wheat and so on. please help as no one will listen to me. im not an over paranoid mum, i know there is something not right about my daughters bowels and she needs help. thank you.
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