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Chinese women chasing men as effective as Western society

Posted Mar 07 2012 6:21am
China today is talking about: single women, the pursuit of love Recently, an encourages female Internet users in China to wholesale handbags learn traditional practices in the UK microblogging madness forwarding on Wednesday. On February 29 in the last four years, Britain has a a encourage women Daozhui traditional male. Four-year crush courtship, women are still waiting for what? "Microblogging trying to set off a female confession activities in China. Within 24 hours of the initiative was forwarded more than 200,000 times, but not all Chinese women can resist this. A microblogging users sarcasm, said: "female courtship, no confession ah." This is not all the facts. Some people do declare, but their "affection" is also full of irreverent flavor. Someone wrote: "Today was my turn to love. Feel my deep love? That smile silly boys." Female courtship the effect of the Chinese women may be wholesale handbags different from the English women. I have great respect for women, Chinese women do not need to beg. Chinese one-child policy has resulted in gender imbalance, so that they have a lot of option. Marital problems, women usually pay attention to the good match. As more and more Chinese women to choose do not want to marry, some Chinese men had to swallow in a way insufferably arrogant, money worship and other acts against women. And my best a Beijing girls often used "foul" call her boyfriend. This as a nickname, but I am sure that her boyfriend did not think so. She will never allow her boyfriend to offend her in public, unless it is her first to stir up trouble, but the other should immediately use a variety of ways to please her. When she and her friends from Shanghai with shopping, she would be arrogant to find their favorite products to hit her boyfriend in the chest or shoulder and no expression and said: "My dear, money!" Some microblogging users suggested that, if the men in the wholesale shose denial of female affection on February 29, it should provide a gift for the comfort. Online survey conducted on women, most women whether in the day to declare positive attitude: "Did I not tell all the men I love him? I will be rich."
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