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"Chicken Pox Parties"-What Could Parents Be Thinking?

Posted Nov 21 2011 2:23pm

If you have ever had to care for a patient with chicken pox encephalitis, as I have, or stayed home with  a child who had chicken pox, prior to the availability of the vaccine, you would shake your head.

According to an article in the New York Times by Anahad O'Connor on 11/17/11, people have  been trying to sell lollipops through the Internet on which children with chicken pox have sucked. I am astounded that anyone could be that dense. The article stated that prior to the vaccine about 100 children died each year from chicken pox. Encephalitis is not the only complication but pneumonia and  even Reye's Syndrome can develop. There is also a type of chicken pox where hemorrhage can occur. In addition, later on in life an individual who has had chicken pox can develop Shingles. I remember having Shingles near one of my eyes when a doctor friend said "Oh, I know an indiviual who lost vision in one eye from Shingles close to their eye." Not a pleasant thought!

Some parents are even going so far as to post notices on the Internet to find a child with chicken pox, so they can expose their child or children to the ill child. I agree there seem to be a lot of immunizations for kids these days, but there is absolutely no evidence that they cause autism. I understand that parents need something to blame when a child deveops a disorder on the autism spectrum, but there are obviously other causes and not immunizations.

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