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Caribbean Blue and Swing Sets

Posted Mar 11 2011 1:36pm
I feel out of sorts a lot lately, despite the relative calm around my house with Sophie's seizures at partial bay. I think it must be fall-out from so much adrenaline -- the calm AFTER the storm. I can't figure out if I'm relaxed or just exhausted, body and soul. I think a lot about how great it would be to truly get away. I think about the Caribbean, actually, the crystal blue water and the soft, tropical breezes. I remember a trip I took to Antigua about a million years ago when The Husband was just The Boyfriend, and we took time off from our stressful jobs as chefs (what a joke that seems now!) and spent a week in a small villa by a cove. When I woke up the first morning, there were butterflies flitting around my head and the white gauze curtains were drifting in and out of open windows. This is what I looked like then

It was a long time ago.


Well, anyway, I'm thinking these thoughts because CSN has asked me again to review one of their remarkable products. Remember my Caribbean blue pot and griddle pan? I got them both from CSN -- an online store that sells pretty much anything you can think of, including, now, wood swing sets.  I love wood swing sets -- in fact, my children have grown up on them, right in our sunny backyard.  I've thought about selling the huge one we have now and perhaps buying something small that we can attach Sophie's adapted swing to -- Sophie does love to swing. But I'm a bit fixated on the Caribbean blue, and I might just have to add another piece to my growing collection. CSN sells just about every product you can imagine, including housewares, cookware, furniture, home office supplies and vacations to the Caribbean. Just kidding on the last one -- about all I'll see of the Caribbean is this
My Caribbean Blue Le Creuset from CSN

instead of this
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