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Cardio clinic update

Posted Mar 26 2014 10:02am
i'm sitting here in bed this morning, listening to Tom Hiddleston read poetry (swoons!!), and drinking the coffee Bram brought me ("i made you a surprise pot of coffee" he said), and i'm flipping through pinterest, and i realize,

i didn't update you on our cardiology appointment last week!

seems strange, i know, since we see cardio so often (and i post so often HAHA)...

wait for it...

this was the first time we'd seen cardio in over a year!

i know. i had to pinch myself a bit, too.

how did that even happen? well, Asher has been doing really well. and when he was admitted overnight last june for some gastro issues... it kind of... triggered something in him...

so i figured, now that he's stable, we'll deal with his emotional issues a bit, or at least let his spirit rest a bit from all the medical stuff.

because it's gotta be hard on a kid to grow up being poked and prodded and looked at and examined and tested and talked over and discussed and analyzed and operated on and swabbed and scoped and monitored for years on end. that sort of life...

it leaves a mark...

so i let him rest, and didn't even book a 6-month appointment last summer.

but we went last week for the whole thing: ECG, echo, pacemaker, doc. and...


everyone was shocked at how well he's doing, how much he's grown, and how healthy he is! i think our doc is very happy with him. she explained to the fellow that Asher's first four years were "um... difficult," and agreed when i said that we were there at least as often as she was. haha... ish...

anyway, yeah. that's the update. asher's stunningly stable, and everyone was happy. we're going back in september for a pacer check, holter, and bloodwork. but that's just routine with a pacemaker, and not due to function issues or anything.

and because they're so awesome, i'll give you his numbers o' the day21kg (45lb), 116 cm tall. sats are 96% (i still can't get used to that! HAHA). heart rate was 83bpm; pacer fires 77% of the time; the battery still has 5-7 years, and his sleep mode now begins at 9pm (someone had changed it to 11pm... no wonder asher wasn't falling asleep any earlier!!!). blood pressure is 116/62. fantastic!!!!!

and for some perspective... last year, he was 18.9kg, so he's gained about 5lbs. his sats were 94%, and his pacemaker was firing over 80% of the time.

so, as you can see...

Asher's doing brilliantly! (happy dance)
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