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Candy Corn and Cows

Posted Oct 25 2010 12:00am
Any doubts I had about Eliza's imagination and story telling abilities can officially be laid to rest.

Halloween is upon us and with it, bags of candy corn

Tonight Eliza was sharing her candy corn with me, but when I asked if she liked candy corn, she said "no Mama, I need my candy corns for my Mickey Mouse."

Here is Eliza's recipe for making Mickey Mouse from candy corn (verbatim)
"First you get a mama cow who can squirt milk:"

"Then the mama cow squirts the milk on the candy corn:"

(really I am not making this up and I did not pose the cow over the candy corn, that was Eliza).

"And then you find the chocolate pumpkins and put them with the candy corns that had the milk squirted on them so the candy corns can become Mickey Mouse:"

Now you tell me, doesn't that look like Mickey Mouse? Eliza made the body and legs from the orange wrappers from the pumpkin chocolates.

Seriously, this is better than seeing Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich (or maybe that was Mary?).
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