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Can my son have complications from his ruptured radial artery?

Posted by Welch

My son who is 13 got hit with a baseball and it ruptured his radial artery he is a catcher. It had a golf ball size hematoma on his wrist above his radial artery and his arm down to his elbow was pooled with blood and swollen. His pediatrician said for me to just watch it. Two nights later, he got hit again. No changes, we made him wrap it up. That was 8 days ago, now he wrecked a scooter and it looks like it is starting to swell, its about the size of 3 nickels stacked. His arm still has the blood halfway down to his elbow, but it does look better. Just wondering if this will heal without complications or should I take him back in.



 Concerned mom

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