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Can a cause be given based on physical evidence other than medical evidence eg scans and metabolic tests,scans

Posted by adamwal5

 Sorry for the vague question not quite sure how to ask one questio in realtionso ill try and briefly explain.Thank you


Il give the details briefly Lillie my daughter has severe mental and physical disabilitys.My partners pregnancy was fine was told baby was big,we have 3 children 2 of which were born by c section.

Requested c section because of size and my partner knew she would have trouble delivering but due to staffing in local hospital sent elswhere where she had to give birth naturally.There were delivery problems which resulted in shoulder dystocia delivery.

This is where the complications are firstly all Lillies(my daughter) notes were written in retrospect and very untidy hard to determine but they are not correct. According to the notes although there was problems it was very straight forward but Lillies head was out before her body a very long time before the doctor arrived even tho the notes say doctor was there from beginning.

 Lillie has symptoms that can be associated with hypoxia stiffness,involuntary movements,balance etc.

There are other things i can put but dont know how to write them and in what order so if you have questions that can help us out it would be really appreciated and thank you if you take the time to read this.

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